DIY Home Décor – Brighten up your Living Space

We all are possessive when it comes to our home because this is a place we want to be perfect. We don’t want to compromise on anything. We have good security systems, nice furniture, matching paints and other decorative accessories. We all love to decorate our home with different unique items so the people can praise our creativity, but to maintain the place is our duty. The right way to spend your free time is to decorate your home with the help of creativity and give it a look which mesmerized people. You can make these decorations by the material in your store.

The seating arrangement in the home is very important, but what people like to see is your creativity and here is an idea to make the seating arrangement of your lobby amazing. You don’t have to buy chairs or sofas from the market, but here is the simple trick to make the seat. Take any old tire tube and any piece of cloth to cover it. Tie one end of the cloth to the tube and then fold the fabric cleanly over tube. Do this work with finishing and beauty. At the end it will look like a comfortable seat and you can use it for the baby.


Old doors can be used as photo frames. Yes, you heard me right, I am saying photo frames. Have you ever looked at the small square frames in the door? Don’t they look like a photo frame. You can fix the old door on the wall horizontally and paint it with funky colors. In the square boxes you can paste the pictures and this will give the beautiful look to your wall. The funky paints of the door will give a beautiful frame look to the door and nobody can imagine that this is the door. Isn’t it the best creativity?

exceptional-pinterest-diy-home-decor-ideas-9-diy-home-decor-604-x-604Take an old cart and use it like a trolley. You can make some amendments in it like fixing the wheel and fixing the wood so it will not be shattered easily after putting the weight on it. You can use the cart for the wine glasses and counter and for the tea serving purpose as well. It will give look to your guest like they are sitting in some exotic hotel with the most creative people around them. You can decorate the surroundings with the painting to enhance the look.

You can make candles stand with the help of the stems of the tree which are of no use now. You can arrange the like a nest and hang them in your home. Now take a glass candle and hang it on the branches. These are some DIY project and you can try these things to brighten up the living space. To make the home beautiful and attractive all we have to do is to make some effort on our creativity and turn the heads around for your creativity. Home is a place where we spend most of the time, so make it beautiful and peaceful.